Updating Your LinkedIn Profile



A photo on your LinkedIn Profile is a must! Remember LinkedIn is a Social Networking Platform, so keep this in mind when you are updating your profile.





You’ve got just 120 characters to make an impact, so keep it short and to the point. 

We recommend including your NALP membership status within your headline, it demonstrates your expertise and experience.


Associate Member of NALP | Intellectual Property Paralegal at ___________




This is the sections recruiters will be scanning before approaching you. Keep it engaging, conversations and informative. What you write in your summary will help you come up in search results, so use important keywords but don’t over fill it with buzzwords or jargon! 

If you’ve achieved a Paralegal Qualification from NALP Training, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and what you’ve studied. 


Remember your LinkedIn Profile isn’t your CV, so don’t over complicate your profile. Include a summary of your role and bullet points for your experience. 

This is another great place to include you are a Member of NALP, adding your membership category as ‘Experience’ and linking it to our Company Page. This demonstrates your expertise and gives confidence to your employer or client. 

Interests and Organisations

Linkedin will populate a selection of the pages you follow on Linkedin, be use they are relevant and interesting to your field. Sharing articles from Organisations which are relevent to your career, demonstrated that you are engaged with what is happening within the Legal Sector or the Industry you are working within.

NALP on Linkedin 

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