I was recently approached to write a chapter on Paralegal Professionals for a book published by the Ark Group. The book was published in September this year. 

“The Evolving Role of the Professional Support Lawyer”

 “deep dive into the Evolving Role of the PSL: featuring contributions from current PSLs, it provides up-to-the-minute intelligence from an insider’s perspective on common issues and the solutions to tackle them. Advice from experts, ranging from knowledge management specialists to PSL recruiters, and compelling case studies that provide a crucial insight into real-worldindustry and career experience.”

Paralegals aren’t properly qualified and have no place within my practice.” This is the view of most solicitors. However this isn’t necessarily accurate; in reality professional career paralegals can help you save money, boost your company’s resources, offer new services and attract new clients.

In my chapter, “PSLs and Paralegals” I define what a paralegal is and what they can and cannot do, dispelling the common misconceptions surrounding paralegals. 

I discuss the benefits of Professional Support Lawyers utilising the services of a Paralegal, either by employing them, outsourcing or utilising them to cover absences within teams through holidays and maternity leave. 

It was a fantastic opportunity to give a brief history surrounding the emergence of the Paralegal Sector and the great work that we do at NALP for with self-regulation and specialist legal training and qualifications for Paralegals. 

Over the past 18 months, I’ve written countless articles, guides and features for a wide range of press and publications. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to share my passion for the work I do for NALP and Paralegals within the profession. I look forward to more opportunities like this in the future. 

The book is available to purchase here 

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