The past year has been one of growth and prosperity for NALP and I want to thank you all for your continued support. You are what makes NALP great!

In 2017 we had a fantastic number of paralegals enrolling on our Ofqual Accredited courses, with many graduating and taking on exciting new roles within the legal sector. Congratulations to all our graduates this year! 


In July we launched the Licenced Paralegal Register, a website designed for our members to enable consumers and employers to seek out trainee, qualified and licensed paralegals.  A brilliant place to market your services and expertise and connect with potential clients and employers.

Registration for the LPR is free to all NALP Members.  If you are yet to register, let us know and we'll get you online ASAP!


We've also reinstated our Licence to Practise. It's been greatly received, with many Associate and Fellow NALP members who have already received their Licence. We look forward to more joining them next year. If you have 3 years of legal experience, you could be eligible! 

I am pleased to share that in the last 5 months, I have had 18 articles published in several publications including the Law Society Gazette and business and consumer press. All part of NALP's dedication to it's members to raise the profile and gain better recognition for the work you do!



Recently, there has been a lot mentioned about Paralegal Regulation, so we have put together an information sheet which may help to answer any lingering queries you may have.


I also had the pleasure of catching up with two of our members to discuss their roles, training, experiences within the sector and the future of paralegal professionals.