Looking to shake things up and progress your career in 2018? We offer fantastic Paralegal Training and Qualifications designed to fit around your full-time employment! 


We offer a range of distance learning courses for paralegals, from entry level qualifications through to postgraduate diplomas. Developed as a stepping stone into a new legal career or to progress you to the top of your field.

Our qualifications are regulated and accredited by Ofqual – The non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and assessments in England, this includes regulation for all GSCEs and A Levels within the UK.


Level 3 – Paralegal Practice


Entry level qualification perfect for those with no previous knowledge or experience and new paralegals who want to progress their careers. 

Develop a key understanding of the legal systems in England & Wales and build your knowledge of specialist legal subject areas including conveyancing, employment law, criminal litigation and wills.



Level 4 – Diploma in Paralegal Studies

Launch your legal career and become a qualified paralegal!

Developed for paralegals with a sound knowledge and understanding of the English legal system, legal areas and procedural law. 

It is the benchmark qualification from which you can specialise should you decide to develop your career further.


Level 7 – Postgrad Diploma in Paralegal Practice

This course is designed to bridge the gap between an academic degree and the practical, procedural knowledge and skills necessary to be able to function effectively as a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner. 

Available to Law Graduates either LL.B or BA LAW and to those who have completed the CPE/GDL