Great to be featured on the Simply Law Jobs blog! NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses when you might choose a Paralegal over a solicitor.

When might a consumer use the services of a paralegal?


  1. If they are being taken to court over an alleged debt
  2. If they are taking someone to court and need assistance with regard to the process
  3. If they have been arrested for a minor criminal offence and need representation. Many paralegals are what is known as ‘Police Station Accredited’ and that means that they can be called out to assist at a police station
  4. If they need assistance in a Matrimonial matter
  5. If they wish to take action against their employer through a Tribunal
  6. If they require assistance writing a Will or obtaining a Lasting Power of Attorney in respect of a relative
  7. If they require assistance in a housing or welfare matter


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