Apart from the statutorily regulated legal professionals; such as solicitors, barristers, chartered legal executives and licensed conveyancers; there are now numerous services offered by other individuals and organisations that are not statutorily regulated. claims and comments made on their websites can be misleading at best, and possibly fraudulent at the other extreme. to mislead the general public is a very dangerous path down which to venture.


Not only can it be costly (and potentially terminal for your practice) it can also affect the reputation of legal services sector generally, which is what must be prevented at all costs in order to preserve the rule of Law. remember, even comments made in very broad terms can cause assumptions to be made – so care must be taken.

NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses the importance of transparency within the Legal Services Sector to protect consumers. 


Paralegals can offer a wide range of legal assistance, we strive to provide excellent paralegal training to ensure you offer the highest level of service and care for your clients. 

Article published in The Barrister Magazine