Terms and Conditions

Tuition Agreement

These terms constitute a binding tuition agreement between you and NALP Training T/A National Paralegal College (NPC) and by completing the enrolment process and paying the full amount, or deposit for any course, you confirm that any work you submit for assessment is your own work and that you are fully aware of the following terms:

Eligibility to Enrol for the Course:

By completing the enrolment process you agree that you have read the eligibility criteria for the course and that you fulfil these criteria. Evidence of such eligibility should be produced upon the request of NPC. If it transpires after enrolment that you clearly do not fulfil the eligibility requirements, or that you fail to comply with requests to produce evidence or you decide not to continue with the course, no refund of course fees shall be made.

Delivery Policy:

Upon receipt of the full course fees or, if paying by instalments, on receipt of the initial deposit payment and we have confirmation that a subscription is created for the instalments, the course material will be delivered by email within seven working days.

Refund / Return / Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel within 14 days after paying the deposit or full amount for the course, you can get a full refund of the amount paid less £50 for administration costs. (If the course workbook/materials have already been received then the Learners must confirm that they have destroyed this before receiving the refund). No refunds will be made in any other circumstances. NB. Payments by instalments are offered as a goodwill gesture by NPC and if these are not paid as and when they fall due, NPC reserves the right to claim the full amount of the outstanding balance.

Time Management:

You are responsible for managing your own learning and must timetable your own studies.

The overall time limit to complete the course is 2 years for the Level 3 Certificate or DiplomaLevel 4 Diploma and Level 7 Diploma qualifications. There is a 1 year overall time limit to complete the Level 3 Award. There is an overall period of 6 months to complete a Level 3Level 4 and Level 7 Single Unit Subject. Failure to complete the course within this time period will require the Learners to re-enrol. Any failure by you to manage your own studies or any personal circumstances which may mean that you are unable, for any reason, to continue your studies, or your studies fall behind, are no reasons for failing to pay any instalments as and when they fall due. NB If you take the decision not to continue with the course and fail to make the instalment payments, then NPC reserves the right to claim the outstanding fees in full.


NPC takes a hard line on plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as: ‘the practice of taking someone else’s work, ideas or text and passing it off as your own’. If a Learners wishes to cite researched information in their assignments, whether from the NALP Course Material provided, or any other source, then this must be of an appropriate length, put in quotes and referenced to indicate that source. Wholesale texts that have been copied and pasted from either external sources or the NALP Course material whether referenced or not, will not be acceptable and will not attract any marks.Learners who commit plagiarism in their assignments (i.e. do not properly reference any researched information used) will be failed automatically and given a warning. If a Learners fails their assignment due to plagiarism for a second time, grave consequences could ensue, and they may be expelled from NPC and not permitted to complete the course. If you have any doubts as to what amounts to ‘plagiarism’, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a tutor.

Assignments and Marking Policy:

You must pass all assignments to gain the full qualification.

You have 3 attempts overall for each assignment, plus for those studying the Level 3 qualifications, they may also be ‘referred’ on individual questions twice, after which they will need to resit a full new assignment. The first two are free of charge. Failure to achieve a pass mark on the second attempt will require a Learners to pay a fee of £20 for the third attempt. Please note there is no feedback given but all assignments are based on the Learning Outcomes, Assessment Criteria and Indicative Content located within the Qualification Specifications. There are also sample questions available on the website for guidance. Learners can also receive tutor assistance at any time by contacting info@nationalparalegalcollege.co.uk or phoning us on 0203 745 5513. 

Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is extremely important to us, so we only use the information you provide about yourself and/or your company to provide our services or to help us to improve our services to you.

We do not share information collected with any third party except to the extent necessary to provide the services within these terms and conditions, or where necessary to fulfil our regulatory or legal obligations. Please Note: If you have chosen to take a NALP qualification, we will share your information with NALP for the purposes of their providing you with your free 1-year Affiliate Membership (where applicable) and so that they can administer the marking and awarding of your qualification.

Please see our Privacy Policy for full details of how we manage your data and your data rights.

Copyright and IP:

Copyright of all course material remains that of NALP for the regulated qualifications, and NPC for the other training programmes. Course material may not be reproduced in whole or part by any method, without prior written permission from NALP or NPC. Unauthorised reproduction or transmission of any part of course material will be considered a breach of copyright.

The NALP and NPC Logos are the Intellectual Property of NALP and NPC respectively and cannot be copied or used for commercial gain without the express written permission of NALP or NPC. 

NALP Membership:

NALP is the oldest established professional membership body for paralegals in the UK. Learners have a 1-year affiliate membership included in the enrolment fee for the Level 3Level 4 and Level 7 Qualifications. There is no NALP Affiliate Membership included for Learners enrolling for Single Unit Subjects, but Learners are encouraged to join NALP separately. Affiliates are required to renew annually whilst studying if the time taken to achieve their chosen qualification exceeds 12 months. NALP full qualifications can only be awarded to current NALP Members. 

Special Circumstances:

Learners are required to notify NPC in writing before or at the time of enrolment of any disability that will affect their ability to do the work. NB: Evidence will be required to be submitted for our records.

If you need extra time to complete an assignment because of any special consideration that needs to be taken into account, please contact NPC prior to the deadline date. Please see our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy for full details.