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We’re here to help you launch or further your career as a paralegal with a range of NALP Paralegal Qualifications and CPD accredited training programmes.

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Welcome to the National Paralegal College

Whether you are a school leaver considering law for the first time or, you want to gain a legal qualification to boost your promotion prospects at work, or you are simply looking to enhance your legal knowledge to make a career change, we can help.

Distance learning courses

Our distance learning courses allow you to study at your own pace and at the times that best fit your schedule. Tutorial support throughout your studies means all you have to do is ask by email or phone and we will arrange a time to suit you.

Whatever stage you are at in your paralegal career we have qualifications and training to help you go further.

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Entry level qualifications based on 2 units of study (Award), 4 units of study (Certificate) and 6 units of Study (Diploma) – you can find more info here.

Designed to give you a complete understanding of both academic law and procedural law via 10 units of study – you can find more info here.

Designed specifically for English Law Graduates, this qualification gives an excellent grounding in procedural law (6 units of study) – you can find more info here.

This CPD (12 points) accredited course complements what you learn during your academic course by giving you extra skills regarding the day to day working in the legal sector – you can find out more info here.

This course carries 6 CPD points and helps you learn how to draft documents and letters in an appropriate way – more info here.

This also carries 6 CPD points and will assist you in understanding the skills of negotiating – more info here.

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The Zero Tolerance policy includes aggression or threats made over the telephone or in a written communication. NPC considers the following behaviours to be unacceptable:

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